Welcome to Southern NH Software!

       Southern NH Software is an IT Consulting Firm specializing in the needs of Small Businesses.  While we currently provide services to "one man" operations as well as 200+ employee organizations, the majority of Southern NH Software Clients are those businesses with approximately 20 computer users.  Although we provide services to businesses within a 90 mile radius of the Manchester NH area, 80% of our clients are based around the Manchester / Bedford area.

       Southern NH Software provides services which include Network Consulting, Network Management & Maintenance, Network Security, PC Installation & Maintenance, Upgrades, Virus/Spyware removal & Prevention, Hardware & Software Upgrades, Application Implementation, Fileserver Installation and Maintenance, Help Desk Support Services, E-mail and Domain Management, Software and Web Site Project Management.   We also provide a very large assortment of Hardware and Software products such as Computers, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewall Appliances, Monitors, Printers, Interfaces, Adapters, Cables, Other Computer Peripherals  & Accessories, Operating Systems, Applications Software, Utility Software, and more. 

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Southern NH Software
34 Rundlett Hill Rd.
Suite 3
Bedford, NH  03110

(603) 627-6764

Office Hours:
M - F  8am - 5pm
Our Mission Statement

       Our Mission is to provide the highest and most accomodating level of service with efficiency and integrity while maintaining a close, mutually trusting, and long term relationship with our clients.
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Our History

       Southern NH Software, a division of D.L. Computing Corp. was founded in 1985 by Dan Lavalliere at the age of 15. What began as a business that specialized in custom software programming has transformed itself over the years based on the changing needs and demands of small businesses.  As the industry demanded the need for affordable hardware and software in the early 90's, Southern NH Software changed its structure to provide local consumers and businesses with deep discounts on hardware and software products along with the expertise (when needed) to implement these products into their businesses.   As time progressed and local office/electronics superstores emerged, while still providing a large amount of hardware and software products to our clients, our focus shifted heavily into IT Consulting by implementing and maintaining computer networks for them.